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Version 2.61 - 30 October 2013

Version 2.61 - 30 October 2013
* Socketed items and gems have been implemented, along with a command to easily expand upon gems.
* Newbie advice system revamped, as well as a command to easily expand upon via MySQL.
* Fixed how tells display when coming from mobs.

Version 2.60 - 29 Oct 2013
* MySQL integrated with the MUD!
* New player database implemented.
* New potion database implemented, for use with the new random potion system!

Version 2.59b - 26 Oct 2013
* Immortals now receive a notification if there is a potential case of multiplaying.
* All immortals will now see item swap notifications, previously it was only upper level immortals.
* The game now keeps track of pulsating item pops, also this is now reflected on the online stats page (
* The spell deafness has been implemented, but not yet applied to any classes. I'm mulling over who will receive this spell.
* Human experience bonus has been toned down some, it was a little over zealous.
* Tweaked the mobmaster target code, should change things up a bit and throw some harder mobs into the mix.
* Quest mobs and mobmaster mobs can no longer be portaled to (Untested)
* Removed spell lag completely... we'll see how this goes.
* Removed combat lag... yeah... same as above.
* Fixed a glitch in group gains.
* Only mages and wizards may use wands and staves now.
* Only clerics, ordained mortals and warriors(barbarians) may use shields.
* All classes may wear metal if above effective 35.

Version 2.59a - Oct 12 2013
* Shields can now block attacks.
* Armor can now deflect attacks.
* Barbarians and NPCs (meeting a certain requirement) can now throw attacks back to do damage.
* Armor class does not change if you're sleeping/standing anymore (This was stock SMAUG that was idiotic)
* The ranking scores now highlight your name in green if you've made the list.
* Added to Drow City.
* Changed how mobs base stats (such as int/str/dex) are calculated.
* Strength is even more important now than ever. *hint hint*
* Fixed a crash bug pertaining to a field in the FLI version of the score command.
* Wizlist retired section is now sorted by level.
* Scrapped and rewrote the entire enemy/ally code for followings.
* Set up a system to assign numbers to followings.
* Modified grantsight command to give FLIs and option to GS their entire following, also the command now displays a list of players granted sight.
* Obscure command implemented for ordained mortals (HELP OBSCURE)

Version 2.58c - Oct 6 2013
* Changed area listing
* Modified int stat
* Modified parry/disarm for mobs.
* Modified donate command.
* Mobs are now wearing their limited items properly.
* Cleaned up the score command.
* Made races easier to see on who/whois.
* Immortals now log in invis/in their temple or office regardless of if they logged out elsewhere and visible previously.
* Fixed auto-reform for ordained mortals.
* Implemented leveltell channel for immortals.

Version 2.58b - 29 Sept 2013
* Fixed how immortal promotions are announced.
* Fixed a bug in log displaying.
* Removed stock SMAUG code that did damage to items, this may have caused some items to eventually break apart after sustaining damage.
* Fixed some more code related to item storage, hopefully we're all set now.
* Tweaked world invasions.

Version 2.58a - Sept 2013
* Completed golem quest code.
* Patched multiple bugs.
* Did a bunch of other stuff I forgot to document.
* Fixed a crash bug.
* Tweaked mob hp for higher level mobs.
* Modified non double/triple xp gains.
* Modified how hitroll is calculated.

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