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Version 2.54e - 22 Dec 2010

Version 2.54e - 22 Dec 2010
* Implemented the UNWRAP command, right now this is for Christmas but will serve another purpose later...
* Implemented an item type that can be unwrapped.
* Modified mobmaster target mob paramaters further.
* Modified experience gain spiral somewhat.

Version 2.54d - 10 Dec 2010
* Fixed a bug with the storage system.
* Added some extra fields to objects.
* Laid some foundation for a potential 4th class option.
* Changed how circle works, you don't need to specify a victim in combat anymore. Damage is calculated differently now.
* Blinded mortals can still see immortals.
* Blinded mortals can see glowing objects.
* High level mortals can hide from lower level mortals, regardless of TS or detect hidden.
* Spells Mute (Evil Only) and Cure Mute (Good Only) are introduced for Clerics.
* Supporting code to add alignment restrictions on some skills/spells implemented.
* Supporting code for overhaul to spell system implemented.
* The following spells are now Evil only spells - curse, harm, dispel good
* The following spells are now Good only spells - remove curse, heal, dispel evil
* Implemented Twitter Integration.
* Immortals can send specific tweets to the feed via the TWEET command.
* Certain events will publish to twitter automatically.

Version 2.54c - 2 Nov 2010
* Both random ID and doublexp are set on timers to go off automatically for a designated period of time even if a god+ hasn't decreed either.
* The time command now shows when, and how long these functions will be running.

Version 2.54b - 6 September 2010
* Added a store for FLIs so they can finally spend some of their FLI gold.
* Implemented XP tokens and Quest tokens, ask your FLI for one... if he/she likes you maybe you'll get one!
* Implemented the STORE command, check out HELP BROKER.
* Inventory flagged items now spawn in your inventory as they should when you die.

Version 2.54a - 23 Aug 2010
* Changed how many limited items one may use, it is now 1 per 10 effective levels.
* Added some souped up randoms, happy hunting!
* Added a function the MUD can call up to check the number of limited items being worn by a character and adjust accordingly.
* Realized I had left the limited item pop very high for testing and never lowered it to the normal rate, readjusted.
* Fixed a bug that wasn't letting lights shine in rooms that were flagged dark. (Reported by Suffer)
* Made it so all lights are flagged as glowing (some old lights may not convert over right away) (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed a typo in the butcher skill. (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed a bug that let players scribe & brew spells they didn't know. (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed an exploitable bug with pill values not being set correctly. (Reported by Suffer)
* Fixed a typo with the price of a quest item. (Reported by Suffer)
* Scavenger mobs should no longer pick up player corpses.
* Capped the amount of gold one can get from sacrificing an object.
* Modified the AFFECTED commands output.
* Installed a snippet to help god+ with admin stuff (snippet because I'm lazy)
* Immortals may no longer train/practice or use the healer. (Could be used as a work around to have a quicker mana regen)
* Mortals can see immortals now even if they're blind.
* If an ordained has a higher OM level than magic class level, their OM level will replace their magic class level for their casting level.

Version 2.53b & Version 2.53c - 1 Aug 2010
* Rewrote the limited item code.
* Made major modifications to random armor pops.
* Rewrote how random shields are generated.
* Fixed a loophole that allowed people to be Ordained more than once.
* Changed OM default ranks to vary on alignment. Holy Advocate for an evil follower makes no sense.
* Did some other things I forgot to write down that were important.
* Changed how retired FLIs followings are handled.
* Immortals can see retired FLIs following information.
* Fixed a bug with the limited item rewrite.
* Fixed a bug with str and con messing up things.
* Fixed a bug that messed up damroll.
* The MUD now keeps track of how much gold mobs are carrying (see online stats page) - this number will rise as mobs pop and fall as mobs are killed.
* The online stats page now shows how many limited items have popped.
* Beefed up mob HPs.
* Gave mobs more damroll slightly.
* Noticed that some rings and decorations had ridiculous AC - the MUD now no longer allows this to happen.
* More items will become limited even if the area writers didn't set them to be that way, I've noticed several powerful items got past my radar - the MUD now evaluates what should be limited.
* Set the MUD to recognize a max AC on any armor.
* Doubled the amount of puddin's in the Realm. There was too much garbage laying around.
* Added critical hits (this idea by Kole) - which will allow you to deliver the coup de grace to your foe once they're weakened (hint: requires some luck ;))
* Promptly fixed a bug with critical hits that was critically hitting, after they were all ready dead.
* Fixed an issue with exp loss.
* Fixed the newbie not dying code (untested)
* I decided weapons that cast spells are grossly unfair and was tempted to remove them all together, but then decided to leave them and make the chance of hit based on one's charisma.
* Implemented the automated auction system (modified House of Ghouls code - original by Vorax/Darwyn)
* Fixed channel color.
* Players can now "K SELF" in safe rooms.
* The under taker will debit your bank account if you're short on cash (if you've just died, you probably are)
* FLIs can no longer have limited items.
* GSEND gives a message to FLIs when something is sent to them.

Version 2.53a - 21 May - 13 June 2010
* FIREPROOF Containers now can withstand acid and frost.
* Bad recalls have been fixed / implemented. Depending on your luck, you may find yourself not in the guild when you try to recall. Practice caution.
* Immortals can now walk through doors, fly and walk on water.
* Immortals can now teleport mortals even if they're in norecall rooms.
* You can now examine objects to see the originator of the item if there was one. (Drop an object, grab it and then examine it - also works when you give something)
* Enchant Armor now raises armor class also.
* God+ may use enchant spells.
* Immortals may now cast on anyone without being in the same room, simply by casting as if they were.
* Killing your summons (familiars/badgers etc) no longer will yield experience.
* If you have a charmed mob or summon that lands a death blow on a mob, you will still earn xp now.
* Reverted grant sight code to old version to fix things.
* Made the attacker flag less ugly in person.
* Enchant Armor no longer works on worn with pride slotted items.
* Lowered and capped how much enchant armor increases AC.
* Made flamestrike a worth while spell for clerics.
* Object cost is now determined by the MUD code 99% of the time. This means no more excessive priced items from area builders.
* Increased the chance of limited item pop slightly.
* Limited item pops are now logged.
* Modified fireball spell.
* Modified quantum spike spell.
* Modified how AQUEST generates targets.
* Installed several new areas - Bee Hive, Plane Of The Celestial, Elemental Canyon, The Ant Colony.
* Fixed several typos (more out there still).
* Fixed some mobs that had missing flags.

Version 2.52e - 4 May 2010
* FRECALL no longer works as a stand alone command - you must have golden tokens regardless of whether you are OM or not.
* Immortals may no longer buy or sell things.
* FLIs no longer can have gold, it will instantly purge.
* Modified mana regeneration speed for lower level immortals and upper level immortals.
* Your home town will be displayed in your score if you've used the RELOCATE command.
* New info message for newbie flagged characters.
* The undertaker is free for those under effective 15, newbie flagged players and non-pk players.
* You can now KILL SELF with ease.
* You no longer take any penalties for killing self, no idea why I never noticed this before...

Version 2.52d - 23 Feb 2010
* Home town code is complete (with exception of character creation bit)
* Players can now RELOCATE at Swish.
* Sloppy mobprog guild portal removed and replaced with real code. Will now be a much smoother transition to your racial town.
* CSTORE has been removed and replaced with GSEND, which takes items from your inventory and sends them to your FLI.
* FLIs can only carry 2000 lbs and 65 items now. They will have to manage items for their following. Storage Rooms are going POOF soon.
---- Justification on changes: Essentially what I've seen recently is super stocked storage rooms that basically contain all the best items in the game and that everyone has easy access to. To me, this seems kind of cheap and I see far too many of the same item floating around. Storage rooms will become private offices for FLIs where they can talk privately to their followers. Items will leave the player's inventory and go directly to their FLIs via the GSEND command (this will only work when your FLI is online) - the item restrictions on FLIs is to force them to decide what they need for their following and mortals will either hold on to the rest or get rid of them. Keeps equipment cycling, keeps the game challenging, and makes FLIs a little more useful.
* Mobs are flagged STAYAREA by default with some exceptions.
* Players under effective 15 can use the undertaker for free.
* Home town portal for Midgaard fixed
* Major crash bug fixed.
* Corpse bug fixed.
* Chuck Norris appears from time to time in the Realm.

Verion 2.52c - 16 Feb 2010
* Low level mobs now drop -far- less gold.
* Racial languages *should* be working... Still need to confirm.
* Laid foundation to for new spell (air blast), rest will be coming in soon.
* FRECALL skill now only works for Ordained Mortals (also will not work if cursed)
* Various help files added.
* Laid foundation to home towns.
* Changed how much gold can pop on mobs. (Less than before)
* Fixed frecall tokens in the Guild Hall.
* "I" Now give more than 1 gold coin for some sacrifices, its random and based off of object cost.
* Thieves no longer will steal in safe, they look anxious but do nothing. (Tested by Droroet and Azgad)
* Automatic reboots removed.
* FLIs can only cast on their followers.
* Immortals who cast on higher level immortals get their magic reflected back at them.

Version 2.52b - 22 Jan 2010
* NOCORPSE flag added for mobs (taken and modified from House of Ghouls code)
* Fixed crash bug with act_flags... lets say its one of my less pretty fixes, but it works.
* Fixed a bug with offensive spells.
* Modified how one gets an ATTACKER flag.
* Modified how damage is calculated for quatum spike, it now is level, wis, int and max mana based.
* Modified how damage is calculated for black lightning, it is now level, int and wis based.
* Fireball is now a room spell.
* Colorspray is now a room spell.
* Working on GOLEM WARS code.
* Modified how the rankings display (scorexp,scoremobm,scoreinv,scoregold,scoremk,scorepk)
* Fixed the HP gain system for levelling up.
* Fixed a crash bug.
* God+ may now steal from sentinel mobs.

Version 2.52a - 21 Jan 2010
* Added rankings to the MUD (Code by Ben Stolter (Darwin of House of Ghouls))

Version 2.51d - 1 Jan 2010
* Fixed a bug with two handed weapons.
* Raised exp cap - 300 regular, 600 doublexp.
* E-Mail addresses are obtained upon creation.
* The EMAIL command has been implemented.
* Immortals no longer show their language when they OOC/Gossip.

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