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Version 2.55c - 19 Aug 2011

Version 2.55c - 19 Aug 2011
* FLIs may no longer get objects from the ground, unless they are in their temple.
* Mortals cannot give objects to FLIs or below.
* FLIs may not cast on NPCs.

Version 2.55b - Circa May 2011
* Implemented new random zone effects, auras and rainbows. Auras will increase the amount of experience earned from killing mobs in a zone for a given period of time, rainbows will increase the amount of gold looted.
* Bug fixes I forgot to write down.
* Some other stuff I forgot to write down, woops....

Version 2.54f - 23 January 2011
* Implemented ADVICE command for newbies, this allows them to toggle advice messages.
* Opened up NPC level range to make for some new interesting mobs.
* Installed first new mob, Clu in Midgaard.
* Modified how mobs get mana.
* Modified how big level 100+ mobs generate.
* Implemented NOHASSLE flag to keep immortals from being hit by anyone.

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