Welcome to the Realm of Shadows Mud

Realm of Shadows, or RoS, is a heavily modified SMAUG based MUD.


We have tons of unique features that many players enjoy!
* Multiclassing
* Tiered classes
* True random object system
* Interesting areas to explore
* Optional PK
* Balanced experience system
* God led follower system
* Unique spells/skills
* 12 races and 9 classes (with tiers and special class options)
* Socketed objects (can combine gems with objects to add affects)
* Enhanced PK system for those who partake
* Generous immortal staff! double/triple xp days
* Friendly staff and players and so much more! Come see for yourself!


Version 2.68b

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* Fixed a bug with wearing "duplicate" items.  Wearing two of the same items would cause one to be removed when logged off and the stats would stay.  Aside from being annoying, this created a major bug that could be exploited to boost stats.

* Capped HP at 2200, players who have exceeded the cap are rewarded with QP.  2200 allows plenty of leg room to grow as a max rogue/wizard/barbarian will likely not break 2000 HPS.


Írta: Syriac - Monday 06 November 2017 - 01:25:49

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Version 2.67a

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* JUMP spell fully implemented and now learnable by mages.
* Ground work laid for room spells.
* Twitter connectivity restored! @realmofshadows_ (I know how much everyone was looking forward to this.......)
* Revamped INVENTORY flags and created new PERMA flag; this should keep an item on a character even through death.  There seems to possibly some conflicts in the code with the old INVENTORY definitions that would randomly cause issues with quest items.  Will monitor this.
* Colorized NOTE command after noticing Vukral used color in a note.
* Assorted other things that I should have documented immediately, but will figure out what I did later (probably).


Írta: Syriac - Saturday 14 October 2017 - 15:45:04

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Version 2.66b

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* Installed Black Sand Beach by Vukral.
* Implemented DUPLICATE command for God+ (Clones objects)

Írta: Belerik - Saturday 07 October 2017 - 17:00:09

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Version 2.66a

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* Modified shopkeepers a bit, they grow stronger on every respawn.  If you kill them enough times justice will hunt you.
* Modified guild portal code for following other players... more work to be completed.
* CONSIDER has a new parameter for shoppies that will spawn justice if you kill them. (Based on how many times they've died

Írta: Belerik - Wednesday 13 September 2017 - 17:00:48

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Version 2.65d

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* WHOZONE/WHERE command now shows more information for immortals.
* Fixed crash bug involving shopkeeper corpses, shopkeepers no longer generate any corpse; they simply respawn on death.
* Updated get_char_world to put PCs before NPCs that have the same/similar name.

Írta: Belerik - Wednesday 16 August 2017 - 17:00:04

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